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Seminar activity 2:
Judging certainty of abuse across 10 case scenarios

There is a set of ten case scenarios specifically for professionals in the health and social care sectors, and a separate set of ten for banking professionals to reflect the differences in the types of financial problems encountered by professionals
working in these different sectors. To begin you will need to provide access to the relevant set of case scenarios that match the professional background of the
seminar participants.

The activity involves your group members reading through the ten case scenarios, and identifying the case where they are most certain abuse is taking place and the case where they are least certain abuse is taking place. The aim of the task is to develop people's awareness of how they have used information within their own decision making approach, and to consider how this differs from those around them. It also provides an opportunity to consider how the most experienced
professionals, who took part in the elder financial abuse research, made decisions on these same cases.

Before you use the use the seminar activity in a training session you may want to consider the following points:

1. Take a look at the online decision aid relevant to your sector before commencing the training activity, so that you are familiar with the structure of the case examples and the judgements your group members are going to be undertaking.

2. You may want to have a go at the task yourself before running the training
session so that you can use your thoughts to facilitate discussion between the
group members.

3. You may want to listen to some of the podcasts before running the training
session, so that you are aware of the broader context of decision making in
such cases.

Seminar activity 2: Judging certainty of abuse across 10 case scenarios