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Seminar activity 1: Exploring case examples of financial abuse

As part of the educational materials section of the website you will find a series of case examples of elder financial abuse.

These have been developed based on real cases of abuse reported by professionals from the social care, health and banking sectors. Each case features a specific
professional, for instance a social worker, dealing with a different type of suspected financial abuse. The cases are labeled so that you can choose by the nature of
financial abuse that occurred, for instance activities of rogue traders or a case involving misuse of lasting power of attorney authority. You can also select your case by the type of professional who was involved in the case example. There are cases reported by a range of job roles across the different sectors.

Before you use the seminar activity in a training session you may want to consider the following points:

1. When you have chosen a case example to review with your group, familiarise yourself with the example before the training session. Think about questions that you may be asked by the group members so that you are able to respond to any issues raised.

2. If the case example you choose has an associated podcast, listen to the podcast yourself before conducting the training. Again this may help you to establish any questions your group members may raise and act as a guide for subsequent discussion.

3. When preparing for the training it may be a good idea to remind yourself of the content of any key policies or procedures your organisation and professional body have that may affect how cases of elder financial abuse should be dealt with. You can then take a copy with you to the training for people to look at, and it also means that you can refer to any policies specific to your sector or location if questions arise.

Seminar activity 1: Exploring case examples of financial abuse